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Lets face it, the bigger the better. That is why our sighting devices are oversized. That way it is easier to check the correct lines against the horizon. Judges are going to tell if you are off even for a couple degrees. Its composite construction makes them light and strong.

Also, the extension of the ´´vertical line´´ downward makes it easier to check good vertical while you rotate to that side.

Each sighting device is custom made for each aircraft in a customer preference basis. All measurements have to be provided and type of attachment to the aircraft.

All sighting devices are ´´Experimental´´, and you are responsible to check with your Civil Aircraft Authoritie  if it can be installed in your aircraft. The aircraft owner/operator is responsible for its installation.

Our sighting devices have thousands of flight hours without a single in flight failure. Of course, being made of composites, they are very fragile if bent in the ground.

Examples have been installed in Staudachers, Sukhoi 26, 31 and 29, Yaks 52, Yak 55, Zlin Z-50, Laser, Extra, etc....



          -1 CUSTOM SIGHTING DEVICE...............300€

          -1 SHIPPING BOX......................................50€

          -2 CUSTOM SIGHTING DEVICES+BOX....600€

            plus shipping

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