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The Airshow is divided in two parts:


-In the first part the full flight envolope of the Staudacher S-300 and Jorge´s capabilities are shown.


-The second, the one we are more proud of. One that the audience takes main stage and throught the voluntary kids ask in real time with radio and public adress which maneuvers they want Jorge to perform.

Then Jorge performs the maneuvers and explains in real time it´s history and which pilots made them famous.


We all have been kids and have seen Aviation through those eyes. It is our Team’s way to give back all the affection that they show us and say thank you for coming to see us


We are not only the first to perform interactively through a kids audience, we are the only one that do it now.

Aditionaly Jorge, with World and European Aerobatic Champion Ramon Alonso, are the members of the DoubleAce Team wich performs first Formation Aerobatics followed by their thrilling and personal styles solo aerobatic performances.

The DoubleAce Team have performed among bigets airshows in the bussines and in the FAI World Formation Aerobatic Championships where the best teams in the world compete under FAI (Internationa Federation of Aeronautics) compete. 




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